Maps towers coverage areas that show demographic and commercial opportunities to make the best decisions about your investment. Find the right opportunities with the AGIS software.


Deployed towers







Radio Network Design Solution

To be able to quickly locate the available infrastructures, to know their capacity, characteristics, supports, costs and state of legalization, allows the design manager to make a quick estimation of solutions.


Maps the features of the community with infrastructure to increase investment performance.

Network operations

Give executives a panel to monitor critical operations. Accelerate the understanding of big data.

Customer Service

Provide people with maps that show the quality and strength of the signal with the precision they want.

Organization Model for Wireless

Access dynamic, authoritative content to create, collaborate, catalog, and share maps, data, and applications internally or with customers.

Coverage processing

Use a repeatable business process to clean and simplify RF signal strength data. Easily share results with the company

Wireless Network Viewer

View and search network assets. All staff from the field to the office can use this map to better understand where the assets are in a service area.


AGIS has a simple and friendly interface that facilitates the daily use of the solution and guarantees an optimal response.