Cable TV

From customer service representatives to the Board of Directors, staff must answer questions quickly and accurately. Interactive, easy-to-use maps provide the specific information they need. Train the sales team with rich customer information to increase revenues. Beat the competition not only in speed but also in service.


OTT Users




CDN headers



Quick answers provide a competitive advantage.

When a commercial customer called, we needed about a week to manually evaluate if we could provide a service. By then, 60 percent of those customers signed a contract with another vendor. Based on AGIS, we can provide an instant response.

Market Analysis

Maps the current coverage and compare the proposed coverage areas to locate opportunities.


Monitor situations in real time to identify external threats before they disrupt the service.


Map Service availability for quick responses to customer requests and opportunities

Cable Model organization

Access dynamic and authoritative content to create, collaborate, catalog, and share maps, data, and applications internally or with the public.

Service Qualification

Offer planners and sales personnel a lightweight application to get faster responses to customer service requests and optimize network path planning.

Backhaul optimization

Get a repeatable business process to create initial network topologies. Optimize routes and reduce deployment costs


AGIS has a simple and friendly interface that facilitates the daily use of the solution and guarantees an optimal response.